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Arches are the industry icon. No other element will give you the welcoming power of a balloon arch, because this is the gate, so, how about personalizing it with the motif of your celebration?

Or maybe light it up for extra awe from your guests! Pattern will enhance the effect you want, in addition to colour, length or width.

Bouquets will cheer any celebration. Shapes, sizes, and colours are widely available in latex, but in combination with our microfoil balloon selection, the variety is endless!

Celebrate a special occasion, or just  cheer up your space. Balloon bouquets will surely make you smile.
Centrepieces are an exciting element of decoration. In large halls, you can create a sense of unity with their height, colour, shape and splendor. In the privacy of a small reception, they can add to the feeling of comfort. Helium can give an inexpensive solution and foil balloons can blend in the overall elegance of your event.
Our  whimsical designs will add the charming touch to your avant-garde needs.
The design of your choice will always have the right proportion in order to embrace conversations and fellowship.
Columns are an excellent choice to build up the WOW effect. In combination with other elements or on their own, columns give a sense of grandeur and can easily contribute to the overall theme of your event. Their mobility is very useful to highlight several important moments or places within your event at a lower cost.

One of the most exciting decorative elements in balloon artistry is sculptures. The sky is the limit! Anything can be created as a balloon sculpture. Fruits, musical notes, words, characters, animals, signs, logos, plants, murals,… anything you can think of!

Put us to the test and contact us now for an appointment with our balloon artists.

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