Awards, Fund raisers and PR events

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Oscar statuette
$150 ea.oscars hollywood stage
Shooting star clouds and columns $390 setfund raiser decoration
Flower garden
$580 setfund raiser out doors decoration
Star burst centre piece $17 ea.appreciation nights decoration
9 ft. Candy cane
$90 ea.outdoor pr events decoration
Hollywood column
$90 ea.night club decoration
7 pc. 11″ bouquet
$20 ea.Balloon bouquets
3 pc. centre piece with 260 base $11 ea.reception decoration
Super bowl string of pearl $340 setString of pearl with football players
Cone column
$115 ea.cone columns
Juggling clown
$140 ea.juggling clown sculptures
8 ft. Cancer ribbon $150 ea.balloon cancer ribbon