Trade Shows & Show rooms

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7 pc. 11″ bouquet
$20 decoration
7 pc. bouquet with collar $22 ea.decoration for retail
9 pc. 16″ bouquet
$38 room decoration
3 ft and 16″ bouquet $50 ea.canada day decoration Booth decoration by designbooth decoration Full body columns & 3 ft. topper $125 show booth decoration
Taper star ornament $60 room decoration Square arch & sign $300 show entrance Booth decoration by designbooth decoration vancouver
9 pc. 16″ bouquet
$36 ea.real state promotion decoration
10 ft. Column with 3ft. topper $120 show booth decoration
Show rooms
by designshow room decoration for chinese new year
single balloons backdrop $130 settrade show stage 260 flower centre piece $15 ea.260 Flower bouquet
Dragon sculpture
$150 ea.Balloon dragon