Table Centre Pieces

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9″ foil on 5 in. base     $ 6 ea.1 ft. balloon centre piece 16″ with collar on weight $ 8 ea.16" with collar on foil weight Three 11″ on weight $10 ea.3 pc std 11 in centre piece
11″ topper on dowel $12 ea.11 in topper with dowel 18″ foil with 2 11″ on weight $12 ea.foil and latex centre piece 5″ topiary on dowel $15 ea.topiary topper with 5 in base and 260 curls
Cake with candle    $25 ea.balloon cake with candle 3″ topiary with wire curls $17 ea.Balloon centre piece Smiley holding name $40 ea.Character with name centre piece
Cookie Monster on cake &11″ $65 ea.twisted character  on cake with 5 pc 11 in Just Married

$60 ea.Just married centre piece
“S” 3 topiary

$35 ea.3 topiary centre piece
5″ face Snowman

$15 ea.snowman centre piece

Table top Christmas Tree $25 ea.Christmas tree centre piece Foil Poinsettia on dowel $35 ea.Poinsettia centre piece
260 flowers on base   $15 ea.260 Flower bouquet Name elmo & cookie monster $60 ea.personalized centre piece baby bottle on dowel  $15 shower centre piece