How to plan for your Baby Shower. Cocoglobo & Forevery Occasion Video


Isn’t a 9 month trip worth a warm welcome?
Planning and stress shouldn’t be part of the excitement around this special moment in every mother’s life! That’s why Cocoglobo strongly suggests you watch the following videos and leave all the details to Forevery Occasion event planners. Of course, all of the balloons you will see are our suggestion to this significant moment for the Mom-to-be.

Superbowl Party at the River Rock Casino


What a chance to celebrate the most important football game in the world!

Our football players had a chance to make it back to stage only this time 8 ft. tall.

Of course we had to let everyone know they were welcome to join the party which was all about football. That is why the River Rock Casino’s Theatre opened its doors to this well guarded silver arch for the 46th version of this tough and exciting game.

Blue Bombers at the Convention Centre!


Working with the Blue Bombers was a great experience! The party started on Friday 25th. at noon with over 2,000 people coming. The entrance had these big pom poms

Over 8 ft. Cocoglobo Balloons pom pom column




Inside, there were 2 tough football players holding an arch with “BOMBERS” written on top. The dance floor was very well guarded with 4 football players as well as the souvenir shop!

Football players arch Cocoglobo Balloons




Of course you couldn’t miss the bar with the biggest pom pom ever made! Each pom pom held one letter of the BOMBERS sign. Very eye catching!

Huge Pom Pom columns Cocoglobo Balloons




For more pictures, please take a look at our Gallery

Cocoglobo Balloons & Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

With the Grey Cup coming soon to town, we will breathe football. The Blue Bombers will be hosting a huge party at Hall “C” of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Over 2,000 people will be there, and Cocoglobo will have an astounding decoration ready for them. Don’t miss the photos! We will be posting them by the 26th. Blue and Gold all over.